You can use a gray wig if you are an anime fanatic. First, observe the wig's characteristics: length of hair (long or short), style of hair (curly or straight), shade of color (ash gray, light gray, dark gray), etc. Search online your favorite anime character and see if his or her wig has similarities to the one you have. grey wigs If yes, then build a costume around that. You can also use this method for your favorite cartoon characters.

While many women avoid gray hair and the tell-tale sign of getting older, there are many women who embrace their gray. Options range from choosing a few, sparse, gray hairs to blending in 10-20 percent gray or even salt and pepper or primarily gray blends. grey wig Nowadays grey wigs become more and more popular, especially short grey wigs. But grey wigs always not easy to find.

Grey wigs

On the other hand,Choose wig styles in both synthetic and human hair fiber gray hair styles in textures, lengths and cap sizes for everyone. No need to compromise your natural hair color. With grey shades ranging from charcoal, snowy mink, silver mist, dark, light and medium gray tones blended, highlighted and graduated from front to back, grey wigs for women in styles from short pixies, to a face framing bob, shag style and more. We carry the best selection of styles for the mature woman or man seeking to keep their own color in staying true to their look.